50 TOP RNA STRUCTURE Questions and Answers pdf

RNA STRUCTURE Questions and Answers pdf :-

1. A nicked RNA molecule can be ligated by

A. T4 RNA ligase
B. DNA polymerase
C. T4 DNA ligase
D. all of these

Answer: C

2. The tertiary structure of yeast tRNA

A. involves extensive base stacking interactions
B. resembles the 3-dimensional structure of other tRNAs
C. is maintained mostly by non-Watson-Crick base pairing
D. all of the above

Answer: D

3. Which of following RNA characteristically contains unusual purines and pyrimidmes?


Answer: D

4. The anticodon is a structure on

A. mRNA.
B. tRNA.
C. aribosome.
D. rRNA.

Answer: B

5. The genetic material of retroviruses such as HIV is

C. protein
D. all of these

Answer: B

6. Retroviruses replicate via __________ intermediate


Answer: B

7. During RNA synthesis, the DNA template sequence 5’Tp Ap Gp Cp 3′ Would be transcribed to produce which of the following RNA sequence?

A. 5′-Ap Tp Cp Gp-3′
B. 5′-Gp Cp Up Ap-3′
C. 5′-Gp Cp Tp Ap-3′
D. 5′-Ap Up Cp Gp-3′

Answer: B

8. RNA instability in alkaline solutions is due to

A. adenine
B. ribose
C. uracil
D. single strand nature

Answer: B

9. In RNA, uracil pairs with

A. adenine
B. cytosine
C. thymine
D. guanine

Answer: A

10. Two features of the tRNA molecule associated, in converting the triplet codon to an amino acid, are

A. in the T Loop and D stem and loop
B. in the anticodon loop and D stem loop
C. in the anticodon loop and the 3′ CCA end
D. none of the above

Answer: C

RNA STRUCTURE Questions and Answers ::

11. Which of the following is the smallest of the RNAs?

A. Messenger RNA
B. Transfer RNAs
C. Ribosomal RNAs
D. All of these

Answer: B

12. The mRNA from which of the following would contain a poly-A tail?

A. A restriction endonuclease from E. coli
B. Bacterial alpha-amylase
C. Human insulin
D. Bacteriophage DNA ligase

Answer: C

13. What is the average size (in bp) of a mature t-RNA?

A. 80 bp
B. 100 bp
C. 120 bp
D. 140 bp

Answer: A

14. What modified base is at the 5′ extremity of a capped eukaryotic m-RNA?

A. 1-methyl-adenosine
B. 2′-O-methyl-guanosine
C. 7-methyl-guanosine
D. 1-methyl-guanosine

Answer: C

15. What is the function of messenger RNA?

A. It carries amino acids
B. It is a component of the ribosomes
C. It is a direct copy of a gene
D. It is the genetic material of some organisms

Answer: C

RNA STRUCTURE Questions and Answers pdf free download ::

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