100 TOP MEDICAL Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf

MEDICAL Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf :-

1) Regarding serratus anterior muscle which is incorrect?

A. Multipinnate muscle
B. Lifts arm above the shoulder
C. Supplied by long thoracic nerve
D. Originates from lower eight ribs

Ans: D

2) The treatment of choice for atticoantral variety of chronic suppurative otitis media is:

A. Mastoidectomy
B. Medical management
C. Underlay myringoplasty
D. Insertion of ventilation tube


3) All of the following are the complications in the new born of a diabetic mother except?

A. Hyperbilirubinemia
B. Hyperglycemia
C. Hypocalcemia
D. Hypomagnesemia


4) The correct line of management in child who has swallowed a coin is?

A. Fiber optic endoscopy
B. Rigid endoscopy
C. Laparotomy
D. Wait and Watch

Ans: D

5)Helper cells belong to?

A. T cells
B. Macrophages
C. B cells
D. Monocytes

6)Mac Ewen’s triangle can be felt through the?

A. Superior conchae
B. Cymba conchae
C. Middle conchae
D. Posterior part of auricle

7)Most common strain of E.coil giving rise to traveller’s diarrhoea is?

A. Entero-invasive E.coil
B. Entero-pathogenic E.coil
C. Entero-toxigenic E.coil
D. Entero-aggregative E.coil


8)With urine turning green on ferric chloride test, the diagnosis is:

A. Phenylketonuria
B. Alkaptonuria
C. Multiple carboxylase deficiency
D. Glutaric aciduria


9)For assessing the ability of protein utilisation the best index is?

A. Urea
B. Uric acid
C. Blood ammonia
D. Urinary nitrogen content


10)Screening test is not useful when?

A. Incidence of the disease
B. Incidence is low in the community
C. Early detection leads to favorable outcome
D. The disease has a lead time


11)Nerve not related to humerus is?

A. Radial
B. Median
C. Axillary
D. Musculocutaneous


12)What is the percentage of chances of hydatidiform mole to develop choriocarcinoma?

A. 5%
B. 15%
C. 50%
D. 80%


13)Vasomotor reversal of Dale is because of?

A. Block of alpha receptors
B. Block of alpha & beta receptors
C. Agonistic action on alpha receptors
D. Adrenaline only


14)Primary visual field is situated around the ______ sulcus?
A. Central
B. Calcarine
C. Superior temporal
D. Inferior occipital


15)Medical treatment for BPH includes?

A. Finesteride
B. Methyl testosterone
C. Oestrogens
D. Osmic acid


16)Anterior dislocation of shoulder causes all except?

A. Circumflex artery injury
B. Avascular necrosis head of humerous
C. Brachial plexus injury
D. Chip fracture scapula


17)HIV is a?

A. Retrovirus
B. Flavivirus
C. Oncovirus
D. Arbovirus


18)In shigella dysentery associated hemolytic uremic syndrome, the false statement is?

A. Leucocytosis
B. Neurological abnormalities
C. Hepatic failure
D. Thrombotic angiopathy


19)Dengue hemorrhagic fever is caused by?

A. Type I secrotype
B. Re-infection with the same serotype of dengue virus
C. Re-infection with the different serotype of the dengue virus
D. Re-infection in immunocompromised host


20)When the sample size is less than 30, one of the following modifications is made in the formula of standard deviation?

A. Numerator is increased
B. Denominator is decreased
C. Both numerator and denominator are changed
D. Numerator is decreased


21)Oesophagus receives blood supply from all except?

A. Inferior thyroid artery
B. Inferior phrenic artery
C. Internal mammary artery
D. Bronchial artery


22)All are pencillinase resistant except?

A. Methicillin
B. Nafcillin
C. Penicillin
D. Dicioxacillin


23)Mild hemolyti anaemia is associated with vitamin.. . Deficiency?

A. B6
B. E
C. A
D. C


24)Trimethoprim acts by?

A. Inhibiting DHFR
B. Inhibiting cell metabolism
C. Inhibiting DNA
D. Inhibiting RNA


25)Paradoxically split second heart sound signifies severe?

A. Pulmonary stenosis
B. Mitral stenosis
C. aortic stenosis
D. tricuspid stenosis


26)Riboflavin nutritional status is assessed by?

A. Xanthine oxidase levels in RBC’s
B. Glutathione reductase activation in RBC’s
C. Urine excretion of Riboflavin
D. Cytochrome- C-reductase levels in kidneys


27)Provision of free medical care to the people at government expense is known as?

A. State medicine
B. Social therapy
C. Social medicine
D. Social insurance programme


SPM-Concepts of Health & Disease-State medicine implies provision of free medical service to the people at government expense.

28)Shortest sacrocotyloid diameter causing narrowing of pelvis is a feature of which type of maternal pelvis?

A. Android
B. Gynaecoid
C. Platypelloid
D. Anthropoid


29)What is Bennett’s fracture?

A. Fracture dislocation of base of first metacarpal
B. Fracture dislocation of base of first metatarsal
C. Fracture of first metatarsal
D. Fracture of first metacarpal


30)All the following techniques are helpful in the diagnosis of haemoglobinopathies, except?

A. Alkali denaturation test
B. Cellulose acetate electrophoric
C. Sickling test
D. Osmotic fragility test


31)Which of the following is not likely in patients taking amiodarone?

A. Pulmonary fibrosis
B. Hypothyroidism
C. Hyperthyroidism
D. Gynaecomastia


32)Which of the following helps in preventing colon cancer?

A. High fiber diet
B. Selenium
C. Antioxidants
D. Fatty food


33) Size of ovary, above which considered to be malignant?

A. 2 cm
B. 5 cm
C. 8 cm
D. 10 cm
34)Cadaveric spasm

A. Instant in onset
B. Confined to small group of muscles
C. Occurs only in voluntary muscles
D. All of the above

FM-Death,Post Mor. Changes & Autopsy-Additonal info-predisposing factors are sudden death, excitement, fear, exhaustion, nervous tension, etc. Muscle stiffness is marked. Possibly due to failure of the chemical processes required for active muscle relaxation to occur during molecular death i.e. ATP is depleted.

35)The radionuclide used for ventriculography is

A. Thallium
B. Technetium
C. Gallium
D. Pottasium


36)”Signet ring cells” are seen in?

A. Carcinoma cervix
B. Carcinoma endometrium
C. Krukkenberg tumour
D. Carcinoma vulva


37)Cimetidine was synthesized by?

A. Black
B. Upjohn
C. Lindsay
D. Lilly


38)Nutritional status of children between 0-4 years in a community can be assesed by all except?

A. Mortality in 0-4 years
B. Birth weight of less than 2.5 gm
C. Maternal Hb D. Height and weight of all preschool children


39)Pulmonary fibrosis in Bronchogenic carcinoma of lung may follow exposure to?

A. Coal dust
B. Silica
C. Asbestos
D. Bagasse


40)Ejection fraction increases with?

A. Decrease end-systolic volume
B. Decrease end-diastolic volume
C. Decreased peripheral resistance
D. Venodilation

Ans: A

41)Which is NOT visualized on posterior rhinoscopy?

A. Eustachian tube
B. Inferior meatus
C. Middle turbinate
D. Posterior border of nasal septum


42)Which one of the following would cause a metabolic acidosis is with a normal anion gap?

A. Renal tubular acidosis
B. Acute renal failure
C. Diabetic ketoacidosis
D. Aspirin overdose

Ans: A

43)All of the following organs contain aneurysm in polyarteritis nodosa except?

A. Liver
B. Lung
C. Kidney
D. Pancreas

Ans: C

44)Diphtheria toxin acts by?

A. Inhibiting Acetyl Choline release
B. Inhibiting glucose transport
C. Increasing levels of Cyclic AMP
D. Inhibiting protein synthesis


45)Smokeless gun powder is composed of?

A. KMno4
C. Nitrocellulose
D. Sulphur


46)Cetuximab (an EGFR antagonist) can be used in?

A. Palliation in head and neck cancer
B. Anal canal carcinoma
C. Gastric cancer
D. Small cell lung carcinoma


47)The formula showing relations of pressure, thickness and radius?

A. Laplace formula
B. Ohm’s law
C. Pascal’s law
D. Poisseulle’s formula


48)Dapsone is useful for treating all except?

A. Leprosy
B. Dermatitis Herpetiformis
C. Madura Foot
D. Lymphoma


49)The most important factor to overcome protein energy malnuntrition in children less than 3yrs is;

A. Suply of subsidized food from ration shop
B. Early supplimentation of solids in infants
C. immunization to the child
D. Treatment of anaemia and pneumonia in infant and toddlers


50)The binding of 2,3 BPG to Hemoglobin is to?

A. Carboxyterminal
B. Amino terminal
C. Sulphydryl groups
D. None of the above


MEDICAL Objective type Questions and Answers ::

51)Dissociate anaesthesia is described with which of the following?

A. Propofol
B. ketamine
C. Thipental
D. Halothane


Anesthesia-Intravensous Ana Agents-Ketamine -Bronchodilator -Sensitizes heart to effects of adrenaline -Increases IOT and ICT and intrauterine pressure No muscle relaxation, analgesia +++ Has antiepileptic action May cause delirium tremens Induces so-called ‘dissociative anaesthesia’. Profound analgesia, immobility, amnesia, with light sleep and feeling of dissociation from one own body and the surroundings. Heart rate, cardiac output and BP are elevated due to sympathetic stimulation. It has been recommended in Head and Neck, Patients who have bleed, asthmatics and for short operations. It is good for repeated use; burn dressing angiographies, cardiac catheterization and trauma surgery. -Dangerous for hypertensives and in ischaemic. -Drug of choice in paediatric, burn, porphyria patients and useful in elderly.

52)In colour Doppler the colour depends upon?

A. Strength of returning echo
B. Relation of transducer to blood flow
C. Frequency of Doppler used
D. Type of Doppler machine used


53)The commonest cause of breech presentation is:

A. Prematuarity
B. Hydrocephalus
C. Placenta praevia
D. Polyhydramnios


54)Which of the following pathologic processes in an example of dysplasia?

A. Actinic keratosis
B. Chronic cystitis
C. Chronic bronchitis
D. Ulcerative colitis
General Pathology-Cell Pathology-Actinic keratosis is a form of dysplasia in sun-exposed skin. Histologically, such lesions are composed of atypical squamous cells, which vary in size and shape. They show no signs of regular maturation as the cells ,move from the basal layer of the epidermis to its surface. Dyplastic epidermis shares many features with squamous cell carcinoma, and untreated actinic keratosis often gives rise to invasive cancer. Chronic cystitis and bronchitis may result in foci of metaplasia, but these tend to be composed of differentiated cells that show no nuclear atypia. Squamous metaplasia of the columnar epithelium of the bronchi or the transitional epithelium of the urinary bladder may become dysplastic, but this transition is unpredictable. Therefore, these metaplastic lesions should not be grouped together with actinickeratosis, which is often reffered to as “Squamous cell carcinoma, one half”. Although dyplasia and even neoplasia can occur in the colonic mucosa affected by ulcerative colitis or in the columnar epithelium of Barrett’s esophagus, by itself neither ulcerative colitis nor Barrett’ esophagus should be classified as dysplasia.

55)True regarding tubercular meningitis:

A. Generally occurs as dissemination of a miliary tuberculosis
B. The cranial nerves frequently are involved
C. The most common affected leptomeninges are at the base of the brain
D. Communicating and obstructive hydrocephalus cortical abscesses, and empyemas are very uncommon complications


56)Haemostasis means?

A. Coagulation
B. Maintenance of electrolyte balance
C. Sufficient hydration
D. Arrest of bleeding


57)The average coronary blood flow in human being at rest is _ % of cardiac output ?

A. 4.5%
B. 5-10%
C. 10-15%
D. 15-20%


58)Rigor mortis first starts in?

A. Upper eyelids
B. Lower eyelids
C. Lower limbs
D. Fingers


FM-Death,Post Mor. Changes & Autopsy-Rigor mortis is the state of stiffening of muscles, with molecular death. Rigor first appears in involuntary muscles, the myocardium becomes rigid in an hour. It begins in the upper eyelids, neck and lower jaw and passes upwards to the muscles of the face and downwards to the muscles of the chest, upper limbs, abdomen, lower limbs and lastly in finger and toes.

59)Madura foot is caused by?

A. Blastomycosis
B. Nocardia
C. Candida albicans
D. Tinea versicolor


60)Population of 10000, birth rate 36 per 1000, 5 maternal deaths, the MMR is?

A. 14.5
B. 13.8
C. 20
D. 5


61)Which of the following is not in WHO surveillance?

A. Rabies
B. Influenza
C. Malaraia
D. Varicella

SPM-Concepts of Health & Disease-Notifiable disease (WHO): Internation surveillance: -Cholera – Louse-borne typhus -Plague – Replasing fever Yellow fever- Polio -Influenza – Malaria -Rabies -Salmonellosis

62)The cause of breech presentation are all except?

A. Previous caesarean section
B. Placenta previa
C. Contracted pelvis
D. Oligohydramnios


63)True about minoxidil is?

A. Increases hair growth
B. Antihypertensive
C. Both
D. None


64)Cold agglutinins are seen in?

A. Mycoplasma pneumonia
B. Psittacosis
C. Legionella pneumonia


65)No. of negative stools mandatory to release a case from isolation in typhoid?

A. 3 samples same day
B. 2 samples on first day and 1 sample on the second day
C. 1 sample of first day and 2 samples on the second day
D. 3 samples on 3 separate days


66)The most specific feature of death due to hanging is?

A. Tardieu spots
B. Ligature mark
C. Fracture of thyroid cartilage
D. Dribbling of saliva


67)Cauliflower ear is due to?

A. Haematoma
B. Carcinoma
C. Fungal infection
D. Herpes


ENT-Ear-Collection of blood under perichondrium often get clotted and organized, resulting into typical deformity called Cauliflower / Boxer’s ear. A subperichondrial hematoma in the pinna of the ear may lead to avascular necrosis of the cartilage with shriveling of the pinna and fibrocis and calcification of the hematoma. The result is the deformity known as “cauliflower ear”.
68)Following agents have effects on the NMJ, EXCEPT

A. Curare
B. Decamethonium
C. Succinylcholine
D. Hexamethonium


Anesthesia-Muscle Relaxants-1. Hexamethonium is a competitive blocker while Decamethonium is a depolarizing blocker. 2. Hexamethonium acts only at the autonomic gangila while Decamethonium acts only at the NMJ. 3. Drugs like d-tubocurarine and metacurine acta at both sites, but these are site specific. Hexamethonium is a competitive blocker which blocks autonomic gangila. -Curare decamethonium and succinylcholine have effects on the NMJ.

69)Entamoeba, which is not found in gut?

A. E.coli
B. E.histolytica
C. E.gingivalis
D. E.nana


70)most deaths involving placenta previa result from?

A. Infection
B. Toxemia
C. Hemorrhage
D. Thrombophlebitis


71)Tympanic plexus is formed by?

A. Tympanic branch of glossopharyngeal nerve
B. Vagus nerve
C. Facial nerve
D. mandibular nerve



A. Facilitates
B. Prevents ovulation in lactating women
C. In responsible for formation of corpus luteum
D. Is responsible for progesterone secretion


73)Herpes zoster involves?

A. Otic ganglion
B. Gasserian ganlion
C. Geniculate
D. Celiac ganglion


74)In wolf- parkinson white syndrome, there exist a connection between atria and?

A. Bundle of His
B. Ventricles
C. A-V node
D. Purknje fibres


75)Polyhydramnios is seen in all the following except:

A. Diabetes
B. Renal agenesis
C. Esophageal atresia
D. Hydronephrosis


76)Following is the adjuvant for the treatment of nephrotic syndrome?

A. levamisole as immunomodulant
B. B.complex
C. cyclosporin
D. steroid


77)Subarachnoid Haemorrhage is diagnosed by?

A. Lumbar puncture
B. CT scan
D. X-ray skull


78)Disturbances of affect include all except?

A. Panic
B. Apathy
C. Phobia
D. Obsession


79)Deep transverse arrest is seen in?

A. Occipito-posterior position
B. Occipito-anterior position
C. Breech delivery
D. Face presentation


80)Kallu, a 25 yr male pt.presented with a red eye and complains of pain, photophobia ,watering and blurred vision. He gives a history of trauma to his eye with a vegetable matter. Corneal examination shows a dendritic ulcer. A corneal scraping was taken and

A. Herpes simplex
B. Acanthambea
C. Candida
D. Aeno virus


81)Glass vessels and syringes are best sterilised by

A. Hot air oven
B. Autoclaving
C. Irradiation
D. Ethylene oxide

Ans: A

82)Management of extradural hemorrhage is:

A. Immediate evacuation
B. Evacuation after 24 hrs
C. Antibiotics
D. Observation


83)A Post- Thyroidectomy patient develops signs and symptoms of Tetany. The management is?

A. I.v.Calcium gluconate
B. Bicarbonate
C. Calcitonin
D. Vitamin D


84)The most effective treatment in the early stages of trachoma is?

A. Penicillin locally
B. Choromycetin systemically
C. Sulphonamides systemically
D. Soframycin locally


85)Ideal treatment of Tinosporidiosis is:

A. Rifamipicin
B. Excision with cautery at base
C. Dapsone
D. Laser


86)Epithelium of cornea is?

A. Pseudostratified
B. Transitional
C. Stratified squamous keratinized
D. Stratified squamous non-keratinised


87)Bagasosis can be prevented by spraying Bagasse with?

A. 10% acetic acid
B. 5% acetic acid
C. 1% propionic acid
D. 2% propionic acid


88)Mc Ardles disease is due to the deficiency of?

A. Glu 1 phosphatase
B. Gluc1, 6 diphosphatase
C. Gluc 6 phosphatase
D. Myophosphorylase


89) Satiety center in hypothalamus is regulated by?

A. Gastric dilatation
B. Blood glucose levels
C. Blood insulin levels
D. All of the above


90)Coagulative necrosis is seen in all except?

A. Myocardial infarction
B. Burns
C. Tuberculosis
D. Zenker’s degeneration

91)The relationship between incidence and prevalence can be expressed as the?

A. Product of incidence and mean duration of disease
B. Divident of incidence and mean duration of disease
C. Sum of incidence and mean duration of disease
D. Difference of incidence and mean duration of disease


92)In twin pregnancy, treatment of choice when first baby is in transverse lie is:

A. Home delivery
B. Cesarean section
C. High forceps
D. Low forceps after external rotation


93)Coose among the following the most important lab finding in nephrotic syndrome?

A. B-J protine
B. hyperkalemia
C. hypoalbuminemia
D. hypertension


94)Which statement is not true regarding Cryptic military Tuberculosis?

A. X-ray diagnsis is possible
B. It is seen in PEM Children
C. Mntoux test is negative
D. Leucocytosis is seen


95)Commonest histology of carcinoma of endometrium is?

A. Squamous cell
B. Clear cell
C. Adeno carcinoma
D. Anaplastic carcinoma


96)True regarding Felty’s syndrome is all EXCEPT

A. Splenomegaly
B. Rheumatoid arthritis
C. Neutropenia
D. Nephropathy


97)The true statement about Zenker’s diverticulum is;

A. It is outpouching of ant.pharyngeal wall above the cricopharyngeus muscle
B. Barium swallow lateral view for diagnosis is the best investigation
C. it is a true diverticulum
D. it is congenital

Ans: A

98)Which of the following statements about aging is true?

A. Zoo animals have shorter lifespans than animals in their normal habitat
B. All animal species have approximately the same lifespan
C. Men are programmed to live longer than women.
D. Identical twins have a natural lifespan of approximately similar duration
General Pathology-Cell Pathology-Identical twins have a life span of approximtely the same duration, which supports a genetic influence on aging. Life in he protected environment does not prolong life: animals in zoos tend to live longer than those in wild. Different species vary with regard to their lifespans. The same holds ture for their fibroblasts explanted in vitro. A greater female longevity is almost universal in the animal kingdom, but the reasons are not known.

99)Characteristic features of kwashiorkor include following EXEPT?

A. Anorexia
B. Flaky paint dematosis
C. Hepatomegaly
D. Splenomegaly


100)Most common site of obstruction in gallstone ileus is?

A. Colon
B. Illeum
C. Jejunum
D. Duodenum

Ans: B

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