50 TOP IMMUNE SYSTEM Questions and Answers pdf

IMMUNE SYSTEM Questions and Answers pdf :-

1. Lack of reaction to our own human leukocyte antigens (HLAs) is known as?

A. autoimmunity
B. complement system
C. clonal selection
D. tolerance

Answer: D

2. Which of the following components of the vertebrate immune response occurs first upon invasion by a virus or bacterium?

A. Activation of killer T lymphocytes
B. Activation of B lymphocytes
C. The inflammatory response
D. Mobilization of complement proteins

Answer: C

3. Which of the following white blood cells act as scavengers when they engulf and digest pathogens?

A. Macrophages
B. T cells
C. B cells
D. Lymphocytes

Answer: A

4. A cell which defends against body cells in which viruses are reproducing is

A. Exotoxin
B. Cytotoxic T cell
C. Endotoxin
D. Suppressor T cell

Answer: B

5. Which of the following is most likely to produce anaphylaxis in a susceptible individual?

A. Pollen
B. Mold
C. Dust
D. Bee sting

Answer: D

6. What type of B cell remains dormant in the body, but can respond rapidly if the same antigen appears again?

A. T cells
B. Memory cells
C. Plasma cells
D. Macrophages

Answer: B

7. The maturation of T cells and the production of particular T cell receptors occurs in the

A. thyroid gland
B. thymus gland
C. testes
D. all of these

Answer: B

8. Which of the following provide specific defense against viruses and bacteria?

A. T cells
B. B cells
C. Complement
D. inflammation

Answer: B

9. Which of these is a type of specific defense against pathogens?

A. Lymphocytes
B. Macrophages
C. Phagocytes
D. Leukocytes

Answer: A

10. In animals, blood clots serve the function of

A. consuming invading organisms
B. helping them match the background coloration of the habitat
C. stimulating production of killer T lymphocytes
D. repairing damage to the body wall

Answer: D

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11. What is the result of invasion of a body by pathogens?

A. Infection
B. Inflammation
C. Swelling
D. Pus

Answer: A

12. What is the behavior in which T cells and B cells constantly travel throughout the body seeking out and destroying foreign substances?

A. Antibody-mediated immune response
B. Immune surveillance
C. Cell-mediated immune response
D. Vaccination

Answer: B

13. In a fetus, where are lymphocytes produced?

A. In the spleen
B. In the bone marrow
C. In the liver
D. In the heart

Answer: C

14. Which of the following produces the antibodies employed in the specific immune response of vertebrates?

A. B lymphocytes
B. T lymphocytes
C. Neutrophils
D. Macrophages

Answer: A

15. Which of the following is not part of the vertebrate immune system?

A. Lymphocytes
B. Antibodies
C. Cardiac glycosides
D. Lymph nodes

Answer: C

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